Parethesized accidentals not played back: bug or by design?

• Mar 26, 2010 - 14:42


when an accidental is parenthesized, its note is played back as natural. Is it a bug or is it intended to work this way? (As I use accidentals in parentheses to indicate accidentals missing in the source but musically needed, I would expect them to be played back.)

I attach a small excerpt: the A in the second measure is intended to be flat, but is played back as natural.

BTW: I obtain the parenthesized accidental by first adding the accidental, selecting it and then double-clicking the parenthesis symbol in the accidental palette: is it the right way?



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ParenthesizedAccidental.mscx 6.1 KB


Thank you for filing the bug; I was not sure.

Note: I know the flat in the example would usually be "a normal accidental", but this example is (or is supposed to be) an edition from a source, the source was lacking the flat in the second bar and the parentheses are there to indicate this fact.


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