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• Mar 16, 2015 - 20:09

Was forced to download new RC version (Mac) to open someone else's file since they had used the newer version, regular Beta 2 would not open file any more.

Working fine but tried to playback and no sound. Also the Mixer settings look different. Missing bottom two instrument lines. Only show top 2 lines.

But mainly I need some sound.

What happened to it?


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RC2 was working fine for me (with sound) and now has stopped doing so.

I tried following the thread above but when I do to the synth display there are no sound fonts in the list, and when I click "Add" I get a window with nothing in the list.

Did something break without even installing a new version of Musescore?

I am on OS X 10.2.2

EDIT: I checked the Path for Soundfonts in RC2 and it says "/Documents/Musescore2/Soundfonts" and it is in fact empty. I looked in the MuseScoreNightly equivalent and it is empty also. Both were working fine before.

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I'm guessing you have two incompatible builds of MuseScore installed and accidentally ran the wrong one at some point and it clobbered the settings. When in doubt, revert to factory settings - run MuseScore with the "-F" option.

The path for soundfonts should *include* the folder you mention, and it's normal that it would be empty unless you have added new soundfonts there. But it is important that this path *also* include the location of the built-in soundfont. I'm never quite sure how that works on Mac, but it should not contain "Documents" in the name. Probably has "" or something like that. That is, there should be two totally separate folders listed in thist path - the one under your Documents folder, and one within the application package.

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Interestingly I encountered this before when I installed the first nightly build after working with the 2.0 Draft:

It appears that on OS X the path to the sound font resources contained in the bundle does not get updated to the newly installed version (it was still pointing to the (now uninstalled) nightly build). This is not a big deal I suppose, but for those still working with 1.3 and migrating, either the installer should fix this or the user needs to know to repoint things. The latter is rather undesirable as not all folks who use this program are comfortable with paths and such (especially when they point into the application bundle).

Also, I don't know if it is too late, but when I ran the -F factory reset from the command line, the .app file in OS X appears to be named "Musescore". While the space between "Musescore" and "2" does not matter the 99.999% of the time you use Musescore since you launch it from the Finder, the space does make working with it on the command line a bit painful. Since removing the space in the filename does not do anything to affect the GUI launcher, is there any way to remove it in the final 2.0 launch?


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