Intall error 2894

• Mar 19, 2015 - 10:41

Trying to install RC2 on my Windows 7 PC, I get error 2894.
"MuseScore 2 Setup Wizard ended prematurely because of an error."

MuseScore 1.3 is still installed, but was closed during setup.

I hope V2 will improve the "voices" handling. It is a nightmare with V1.3 when you want to modify different voices!

Thank you for your great work!


I cant help with the install, but doubt that 1.3 is interfering.

Regarding voices, it would help is you explained what xspecific problem you are having. A few things are diffewrent here and there, but basically it's the same voice system. I suspect it's just a matter of it not being documented well enough, because it actually worked quite well in 1.3 if you understand how it works.

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I have problem to correct voices each time I make a pdf import.
But not only then. I was modifying the first measure of a score I made previously.
I can't explain how, I didn't uses voices, but the fact is I got silences, that I was unable to remove : MuseScoreVoices.JPG .
I agree that I'm not enough documented, but I would be happy if I could disable the voices when I don't need them.
Thank you for your attention, and for your great software.

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Non-voice 1 rests can get deleted. Just select one, right-click, select->more..., tic same voice, hit Del.

BTW: there is only one such rest in your score, the other hidden rest really belongs there (not the one you images shows, that is not in the score you attached), otherwise that measure doesn't contain the 4 quarters it should (as per is't time sig)

Also please not that there extra voices are a result of the experimental PDF Import service on and nothing the MuseScore program could do anything about.

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