Muting the top staff does not work

• Mar 20, 2015 - 05:44
S4 - Minor

Top staff instrument does not mute. It still occurs even if the change is made in the mixer, saved and the score closed and re-opened.

GIT commit: c68b108


I'm having a similar problem. The same staff in all of our templates won't mute, but it's a middle staff--not the top one.

Setting the top line (the one we want to hear) as a "solo" doesn't help either.

Don't know what caused it. Have attached a sample.

Just had my daughter check this same score on her computer, and the mute is working properly for her. Any idea what would cause an individual version of Musescore to ignore the mute?

Just closed down Musescore and reopened. Now the mute works properly.

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What is that last staff supposed to represent? It looks like a percussion staff, but is full of accidentals. I'm thinking you may have accidentally turned the Drumset option off then on again? That might have confused things.

It's the way we get a horizontal (continuous) score to equally space every measure. Don't know any other way to accomplish that. Have to "trick" Musescore to get the percussion line with accidentals, which provide the correct spacing.

So you *want* the accidentals? If so, probably best not to use percussion - just use a standard staff.

At some point, you should probably start a thread in the forum explaining in broad terms what it is you are doing, since it seems pretty unusual. There might be places where we could help you do something better, or places where see a feature we are missing.

We're just trying to get uniform spacing. That line is actually never seen, just there to get the spacing. We had to use unhitched percussion to keep the notes from changing due to the key signature and changing the spacing. Do you know of a way to set Musescore so each measure is the same length in terms of spacing?

You can use a pitched staff but just not give it a key signature - MuseScore supports different key signatures on different staves. But my point is, you are clearly doing something very unusual in wanting to have uniform spacing, since that is not how music is normally typeset. Just as you are clearly doing something unusual in trying to generate audio files that do not speed or or slow down even when the tempo marking specifically says to. So you seem to have some special unusual purpose in mind here. It would just help a lot if we understood it. And as I said, the forum is a good Place to have that discussion.

If what you mean by "not give it a key signature" is done via Staff Properties under "Advanced Style Properties" where you uncheck "Show Key Signature," that doesn't help because the key signature still affects the notes, changing the accidentals. We need every note to have an accidental of some sort for our spacing purposes. If there is another way to use the Standard (pitched) staff and not have it affected by key changes, would be happy to know it. The only way I found to make sure the accidentals weren't affected by an key change was to use an unpitched percussion staff.

No, that's not what I mean. It's possible to have a different key signature for each staff if you want. Again, though, please start a thread in the forum and give more context for what you are trying to accomplishing so we can give you the best advice and also see if there is some feature we shoudl be thinking about adding if your case is something that would ever be likely to come up for anyone else.

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Cannot reproduce in the latest version. Please start a new thread if it persists in 3.3.3 (or 3.3.4, which will be released in the next few hours).