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• Mar 25, 2015 - 14:29

Is the Volta tool a bit halfway implemented? I can write a repeat list to a Volta. If I write "1, 2" to the repeat list of Prima Volta and "3" in the Seconda Volta, the playback plays the Prima Volta first time, then it does the repeat, then it goes into Prima Volta the second time. So far everything ok. But then it ignores the repeat sign at the end of Prima Volta and goes into Seconda Volta. Is there a way to get this work?

I know the standard reply is that MuseScore is for score writing and a sequencer is for playback. But someone has implemented the repeat list into the volta properties and it affects the playback, doesn't it? Only it doesn't work all through. Or am I missing something?

What I want is a working playback, where Prima Volta and Seconda Volta would play nicely, even after a Da Capo or Dal Segno jump and the playback would deal a second time with a repeat section with Prima Volta and Seconda Volta. Logically one could set up a very unambiguous repeat list for each Volta, which the playback could interpret. Only ambiguous repeat lists the playback could ignore.


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No, I didn't. Just found it. Isn't it a bit strange that it's about the measure properties and not about the repeat sign (i.e. the bar line) properties? Or why couldn't the repeat sign jst be noted each time when the Prima Volta bars are played? The repeat sign could count repeats only if there were no volta. If there were a volta, it would repeat each time the volta is played, leaving the repeat count to the volta repeat list. Just saying. Back to testing if the "1, 3" for Prima Volta and "2, 4" for Seconda Volta works with these settings.

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I think I get the logic with the repeat count of the last measure. MuseScore seems to keep count of all measures in the repeat section and only in the last bar you can set the repeat count. In other measures it's greyed out.

The only thing I've managed to do is to set how many times the repeat section is played. I set it both in the last bar and in the Prima Volta properties. This is also understandable, because not all repeat sections end in Volte. But what I'm missing (or MuseScore is missing) is how to make the jumps go correctly after a DS or DC jump. Consider the following score:


The repeat numbers inside the Volte should show what I want. After the D.S. jump, I want to go to Prima Volta because of the number 3 in it, then I repeat from bar 3 and jump to Seconda Volta because of the number 4 in it. But MuseScore playback jumps directly to Seconda Volta.

The repeat list in the Volta properties seems to only affect what happens the first time the playback gets to the Volte. And I could increase the times it chooses the Prima Volta. But after the D.S. jump the Prima Volta is ignored. Attached is the score, if anyone wants to try it out.

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The 1st volta had only "1" in the playlist, not "1,3". The 2nd volta had only "2" in the playlist, not "2,4". The last measure before the end repeat had a repeat count of 2 rather than 4..
But even with fixing all this, playback still isn't 100% right, although a bit closer.

The D.S al Fine will jump back into the repeat section, after all repeats are done, so play the 1st measure of the repeat section and then skip into the 2nd volta, and this is normal.
Implementing a 'jump with repeats' is pending (I started on that, but got stuck)

Similar for more complex roadmaps like the one you apparently intend.

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Actually it seems to get worse, if I write "1,3" in Prima Volta. Anyway, I do wish the playback could be set to work properly, although it should be an issue of lower priority, since MuseScore is a sheet music editor and not a sequencer. And I can always create another score, to which I copy and paste everything and arrange it to playback everything as I want. Usually my purpose is to create a soundtrack of something. It's less about listening to and judging the structure of a work-in-progress composition.

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How do you bump up the repeat count for a measure? I have the same problem: I want the repeat to work 4 times, and THEN skip the first Volta and play the second. I can't find anywhere where I can increase the repeat count of a measure - please explain how you do that.

I am having trouble with an even simpler case. I have a 4 verse song. I have two voltas. The measure under the first is set to do three repeats. The last volta is for the final ending. It workds fine until it reaches the ending. Then when MuseScore plays the fourth verse, it plays BOTH voltas instead of skipping the first volta and playing the ending.

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It is almost always difficult to help unless you attach the score you are having problems with (using the "File attachments" link below where you type your post). Most likely you either did not extend the volta correctly, or you set the repeat list incorrectly, or you set the repeat count for the measure incorrectly.

I have a similar problem. When I run a playback on the attached song it plays the first and the second Volta, then continues to the end. Then starts for the next verse and plays normally and stops at Fine.

What I want is that MS plays normally, i.e. plays only the first volta the first to verses and stops at Fine.

Can anyone fix the problem and also explain to me what I've done wrong I would be very grateful.

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If you don't want it to go back to the beginning, why do you have your start repeat mark there? I'm confused. If you want it to go back to some other point, you need to put your start repeat there. Or are you saying you want it to go back to the beginning for a total of three times through, as suggested by the notation? if so, you need to set the repeat count for the measure containing the end repeat to 3 (in "Measure Properties").

You also should remove the end repeat from the last measure with the "DC" - it is confusing MuseScore and would confuse human musicians too, because it isn't clear where it is supposed to go back to or whether that happens in addition to or intead of the DC (and, if in addition, if it happens before or after).

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Sorry, my English is to bad to explain my intentions.

The song starts with the refrain up to m9, then comes the verse. It shall contain refrain, verse, refrain, 2nd verse and ends with the refrain.

@kuwitt, Your solution is what I intended, I just didn't think about it.

I would love to upgrade to 2.0.3. but as my OS is xUbuntu I have difficulties to understand how I shall upgrade the Swedish version.

Thank you all for your help.

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Below another suggestion with an "Fine" in a "middle" of a measure which should work (you have to do this before you create parts):

- delete measure 9
- select the last note of measure 8, go to edit->measure->split measure for selected note
- make the new measure line invisible
- insert "fine" from the Palette

For Language settings in Musescore have a look here:…

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Although I'm using Linux, but no Ubuntu version, someone other can give you a better support.

Did you try to install the last version of Musescore from here (distribution package or community package)?:…

Another way would be to install the appimage:

To make the file executable see here:

Btw: When you've further questions you should begin a new support request.

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