Staccato on eighth notes

• Mar 25, 2015 - 21:57
S4 - Minor

On MuseScore 2.0 Release, when i add a staccato to any note, it does not always appear. It works sometimes, and sometimes it does not.


Status (old) active needs info

We still need the precise steps to reproduce the problem. I tried the following, and they all worked flawlessly:

1) select measure 5 oboe, then press Shift+S
2) select measure 5 oboe, then double click staccato in palette
3) ctrl+click just the notes of the first voice, then press Shift+S or double click staccato
4) select the range, use selection filter to exclude voice 2, then press Shift+S or double click staccato
5) same but exclude voice 1
6) drag staccato to notes individually (can only do voice 1 this way)

So what specifically were you doing?

I was using method 6 as you said with dragging. That did not work. I was not aware of the other methods for staccato, and those seem to be working fine. Thank you. Dragging did not work for me repeatedly.

I suspect you simply weren't waiting until the note was selected before releasing, or moved the mouse between the time the note was selected and when you released. Even though the staccato dot will appear on the stem side in this particular measure, you still have to drag toward the notehead to get the notehead to select.