list of scores in start centre

• Mar 25, 2015 - 22:16

hello, can anyone tell me, is it possible to clear (delete) the list of scores I have in the 'start centre'? It's a great feature, but mine is getting rather crowded, with lots of little things I no longer need, so I would like to clear the list and start again. Thanks in advance.


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On an entirely separate note, what about the new version of MuseScore Connect? I know it's not possible to remove it from the Start Center, but I'm curious as to how the "in the spotlight" piece/composer is chosen. Is it some kind of algorithm, and if so what is it based on? Or is it simply whenever a curator decides to pick something new, and if so who is the curator and how often is it supposed to be updated?

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Yes, to be clear:

The mobile apps for iOS and Android are for downloading, displaying, and playing scores, not for creating them - just as the app descriptions clearly state.

You can create score using the free and open source MuseScore software on your computer running Windows, Mac OS, or Linux. Once you have created them, you can upload them to and then download them to your mobile app, or - if you have the paid version of the app - you can open your score directly in the app without the need to upload it first.

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