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• Mar 26, 2015 - 19:01

I'm brand new to MuseScore and using it to write simple song charts. When the chart extends to more than one page, how do I get the title to appear on the second page? I must be missing something obvious. Thanks.


I did consider that as a workaround. I just find it strange that the title is not carried over to the second page.

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It's not a "workaround", it's simply how it is. If you want a header, you need to create a header. Not sure why you'd expect it to be done automatically. If it makes sense for your specific context to have a header, then create one, but it would be wrong for MuseScore or amny other progrma to assume everyone would always want one. Only if it were a standard thing almost always done in published music should MuseScore be expected to do something, but that isn't the case.

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Well maybe I know where the expectation comes from. :)
It might be true on one hand what you say, but let's just imagine a real life situation:
An arranger is printing out his orchestral chart, or even a mid-size ensemble chart. Imagine he is printing several charts at once... He has generated whole lots of parts and printed them all out, but apparently they have no title and no instrument name anywhere else except for the 1st page. And imagine he didn't tape the pages of the parts right away, (because he finished the last one at 4 o'clock in the morning) and ... ooops . At some point they have fallen down and the pages of different instruments got mixed up. Or he gave untaped parts to musicians and then got them back all mixed. A nightmare for an arranger or a rehearsal disaster in the worst case scenario!!! That happened to me and many other friends of mine, when we were students.
I mean there is no way it wouldn't be a right thing to have a title and an instrument name on EVERY single page of EVERY part, for ANY ensemble, larger than a duo. I usually avoid categorical statements , but in this case this is what any experienced composer/arranger would do. At the very least instrument names should be on all consecutive pages at all times.
Sorry for a 5 years old reply, but apparently it is still the case as of May 2020. A user friendly solution would be would be to make all parts generate basic header automatically, while the score would not IMO. That would exclude a possibility of excessive information on solo charts, like piano music, or jazz lead sheets, while giving arrangers a little help. Sincerely. Anton

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It’s not a bad idea to make that the default for parts, but realize not everyone would want all that, and even among those who do, it would probably be difficult to agree on the format. But to be clear, you are of course welcome to create your own header. I think it hasn’t been clear to everyone here that this has already long already possible, via the style dialog. If you know for sure you’ll want this in all score last for a given ensemble, simply set up a score that way and save it to your Templates folder.

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The header position is determined by two things: the page margin, and the Header text style, which determines the offset & alignment relative to the page margin. So you position anywhere you like by controlling those two parameters, and also control whether it is completely outside the music area (in the margin area) or whether it can be allowed to encourage I to the music area.

Marc's first response was part of the correct answer. He can fumble around and probably get it right. Or, someone could explain the entries or supply a snapshot. I'm out of town and won't be back for another week or I would do this

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