OSX Appstore??

• Mar 27, 2015 - 03:51

I saw on github a commit regarding packaging for appstore. Is this really possible? I was under the impression Apple wouldn't allow something like musescore because A) they don't play well with GPL, much to VLC's dismay, and B) they don't allow apps not built off of their own tool kit as it doesn't conform to brand image. If I'm wrong on both accounts, I'd really like to hear. The XBoard chess app has the same issues.


I experimented a bit with the possibility of sandboxing MuseScore on Mac OSX, which is a requirement for the app store. I didn't want to lost my work so I committed it. I don't have an definitive answer to your questions, but even if the answer is yes to both, there is still quite some work in order to make MuseScore sandboxed on a Mac. In any case, the Mac App Store is the most used way to install apps for Mac, so I would love to have MuseScore on it. If anyone wants to help with the sandboxing process, please let me know.

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