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• Mar 27, 2015 - 13:00

I use jackd for my music softwares.
I have a usb midi keyboard (Korg nanoKEY2).
In qjackctl, I can not connect it to MuseScore for entering notes. Indeed, the midi keyboard appears in the "Alsa" tab, while MuseScore appears in the "midi" tab.
So, I can not connect the keyboard to MuseScore.
How do you do in this case?
My version of Musescore is 2.0 and my OS is Ubuntu 14.04.


I too have problems connecting my USB keyboard to MuseScore. I am running Jackd with Qjackctl to make the links. It sees the keyboard in the Alsa tab, but no sign of MuseScore. I have used Edit-Preferences to specify that using Jack for input and output, and restarted MuseScore but still no sign of anything to connect to.

A little progress - I reset the preferences to use Alsa instead of Jack, and MuseScore appears on the Qjackctl display. I connected the keyboard to MuseScore, and the keyboard input now works, but no sound at all. I then started Fluidsynth and connected MuseScore to that, and FluidSynth to System output in the Audio panel (of Qjackctl) but still no sound..... :-(


As I understood, you need to enable ALSA-to-Jack MDI bridge.

Check your "Preferences" window in QjackCtl. As you can see at this there is a "MIDI Driver" option at the bottom. You probably set it to "none". Please select "raw" and restart Jack.

As a result, you'll see your midi keyboard in the "MIDI" tab.

If this won't work in your case, please attach the screenshot of your Preferences window.

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I must have a different version of Qjackctl to you - 0.4.1. Preferences doesn't exist! Setup gives me the 'preferences' window, but it's split into 'parameters' and 'Advanced'. I've attached both below. I found the MIDI Driver and changed from none to raw as suggested and restarted jack. Now it refuses to connect any of the ALSA ports. At least it doesn't draw the lines between them and I still get no sound. I also tried the third option 'seq' which does allow the connection but still no output.

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"Now it refuses to connect any of the ALSA ports. At least it doesn't draw the lines between them and I still get no sound."
Did you manage to get both MuseScore and MIDI keyboard in the "MIDI" tab in QjackCtl? If you're not able to connect them, there should be something in QjackCtl logs/messages.

"I also tried the third option 'seq' which does allow the connection but still no output."
Make sure that you enabled "Jack audio server" in Preferences -> I/O in MuseScore. In this case you will have "mscore" client in the "MIDI" tab in QjackCtl. For now there's no MIDI out for ALSA.

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If I switch the MuseScore Preferences to 'Use Jackd' then I don't see anything of MuseScore in either the Alsa or Midi panels of Qjackctl. I do have a simple sequencer that I've used for ages and that does come up without problems, connect up keyboard->seq, seq->Midi Out and enable through echoing and I can play on my keyboard and get sounds from my Korg X5DR. I tried switching Midi Driver between none and raw and my sequencer works fine.

I should say that I'm using the latest MuseScore App version 2.0.3 if that has any bearing on things.
Running on Linux Mint.

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I was beginning to suspect that. I've downloaded the surrent stable source and tried building bu it can't locate Qt5QuickWidgetsConfig.make :-(

I'll download 2.0.2 from the Mint repository and hope that sorts things out.

No such luck - it doesn't want to play at all - never moves from the starting note!

Switched back to PulseAudio output and still no playback action (and even less sound).

Ahhh... Killed off Jack and QjackCtl and it started playing!

Just in case anyone comes across this issue: I was experiencing the same problem with MuseScore 3.1. I solved it by setting the MIDI driver to 'seq', then in the ALSA tab in the Connections dialog I connected my MIDI keyboard to MIDI Through, and then in the MIDI tab I connected system to mscore. See images below:

Screenshot from 2019-06-07 23-46-26.png
Screenshot from 2019-06-07 23-46-32.png
Screenshot from 2019-06-07 23-46-35.png

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