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• Mar 27, 2015 - 18:32


Installed 2.0. Now my Electric Bass from a score done with 2.0 Beta is without sound while there is still the metronome sound - so I think the voice became disconnected with the instrument (has been "Electric Bass" in 2.0 Beta, is now "5-stg. elektrischer Bass" - yep, I'm using German)

My system is Ubuntu 14.10, using ALSA - correct conf, since I can hear the metronome ticking.

Is there some Option to connect a sound to the voice or to set the volume?



Hard to say what might have happened unless you attach the score. But I can ask questions: is it only this one score, and others work correctly? Do other instruments work correctly, just not bass? If no sound except metronome is working, check View / Synthesizer and be sure you have a soundfont loaded. Very possibly, you have a conflcit in the folders you used for soundfonts between the beta and final release, and you need to run with "-F" to revert o factory settings.

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Oh wow. There is a problem now.
The synthesizer looks pretty empty, there is nothing under Fluid and Add (switched to English to have a common interface).

I found the soundfont path under Preferences and added the standard /usr/lib/mscore-2.0/sounds - which was missing from my beta install preferences and added the soundfont under Fluid and now I'm happy.


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