Software doesn't open when clicked.

• Mar 28, 2015 - 01:13
S5 - Suggestion

Some people try to open the software. But all it shows is a loading circle. Then the circle disappears (1-5) seconds later, and then never opens. I also have this problem.


This is my problem too, except the circle returns after 5 secs and freezes and freezes the PC as well, requiring me to turn off the power to re-boot.

Could you both state which operating system you are working with? Assuming it is Windows, which version of Windows? Did you successfully run previous versions of MuseScore?

I've previously raised my issue in another post . I use Windows 7 Professional. Musescore 1.3 works fine (though I do get runtime crashes on big files or sometimes when the file has been open for a long time).