Printing 11 x 17 Bound Score

• Mar 30, 2015 - 20:49

Hey everyone,

I know this isn't strictly a MuseScore topic but this is a problem I feel like this community may have had experience with, and hopefully some solutions.

I have an 11x17 score ready to print. I would like it bound in some way...does anyone know of a service that can do this for a relatively low cost? The score is 26 pages, and I only need one.

Thanks for any help you can provide.


Just FYI, you'll probably be able to get a much better printing deal if you can use a smaller size than 11*17. To get it to fit, redefine your staff space value in Page Settings (under Scaling) to something a little less. A4 is a good size for sheet music scores.

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This is country-specific. 11"x17" should be a common enough size in North America (it's exactly twice Letter size). But I suspect many print shops in the US at least would not stock A4 or any other "A" size; many may not even know what they are :-). Maybe Canada is more liekly to deal with both sets of sizes?

I have on occasion printed to Legal paper (8.5"x14"), but it's not really ideal for orchestral scores either. For better or worse, 11"x17" is probably the best option in the US, and it's definitely how a lot of self-published orchestra scores are printed here.

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All right, I just made an idiot of myself. I've never used any size other than letter. I just based my "FYI" on the fact that I've never seen a ledger size score, and back whenever I first saw "A4" as a page size in MuseScore I jumped to the conclusion that it was the standard sheet music size. I measured a couple of scores just now, and it seems they're something more like 9 by 12—larger than A4. So, embarassed, I withdraw.

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No need for embarassment! :-) Most people never have occasion to think about paper sizes.

FYI, A4 etc. are the sizes used in most of the world, except North America :-) 9"x12" is a common size for *parts* in the US, also for things like songbooks, etc. Even though it's not a common size for your basic print shop, I guess it's something the major music publishers have plenty of access to (or don't mind paying to have it cut specially). But even if the local print shop could do 9x12" easily, it's not really ideal for an orchestral *score* - it's still rather small. Same with A4, although I suspect that - just as in the US people often settle for Letter because it is ubiquitous - a fair number of self-published score in Europe are A4.

I have found that FedEx is able to print 11x17, but binding options aren't available for that size of paper, so now it seems binding is the bigger problem.

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