Key signature anomaly

• Apr 1, 2015 - 05:15

I just downloaded the newly released MuseScore 2.0.0 and noticed something I'd not seen before. Not sure if I overlooked it or it's new. I have a piece with a key change at measure 5 from four sharps to one sharp. The new key signature displays correctly with three naturals and a sharp at that measure, but it also displays that way at the start of the next two systems at measures 11 and 22, instead of merely with one sharp. There is another key signature change to four flats at measure 30 which displays as four naturals followed by four flats instead of one natural followed by four flats. All key signatures display correctly after that point.

If I create multimeasure rests the key signatures on the systems throughout the piece display correctly, but an additional key signature displays as one sharp at the start of the multimeasure rest at measure 22.

A copy of the piece with multimeasure rests off is attached. Observe how the key signatures look both with them off and on.

Later: Now that I've submitted this I went back to the file, made a few minor edits, and the anomalies went away. I don't know whether you'll see them in the pre-edit copy I submitted. During the edits though, I observed something else strange. With the display in Page View I was micro-adjusting the position of the last ff in the piece to keep it from colliding with the div. in the system below. When I tried to move it, both the anchor and the text danced all over the place and I could not move it reliably until I switched into Continuous View. I don't know whether you'll be able to observe that either.

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Coincidentally I notices something like this myself during yesterday's choir rehearsal, in a choir part a multi measure rest (which is an instrumental interlude) shows an additional and superfluous key sig.
No key change in the score (it is in D major, 2 sharps) but it may be relevant that it does contains a transposing instrument (Bb-Clarinet, 4 sharps in this keysig).
Playing with that score, removing and recreating the part and the phenomenon disappeared...

Your file displays normally for me, so it must have been a temporary glitch. If you find steps to reproduce the problem, do let us know!

As for the dynamics, there is code to try to guess which note you are attaching a dynamic to while dragging, I think it's overly sensitive. It only happens while dragging, so simply doing your adjustment with the arrow keys instead prevents this from being an issue.

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