Ubuntu input focus on startup

• Apr 5, 2015 - 10:04

Hi guys!

I finally managed to find my way here! I expected to be able to post this issue via github (after forking) but could not find a way to do that. Anyway, in a conversation in Facebook over the last few weeks I described the testing environments I have here and the problems I was having in Ubuntu 14.10 after following the build instructions. Where the GUI seemed unresponsive to any input. I rebuild tonight and tested and discovered that the new dialog box is opening behind the main application windows yet has focus. Should the user start the application maximized or due to display resolution the main window covers that dialog they will not realize this which is what I had done! The application will seem unresponsive to any input at all. Easy thing to fix I am sure but this may help others and I am very happy to have 2.0 working on Ubuntu!

I have and plan to use Musescore on many different computer types as we discussed on Facebook, that I also use to test an educational software I work on. If you can set things up where I can add issues as I find them through github and perhaps fix some, that would be great! I am very happy to continue to test and report these type things as I encounter them. Congrats on a brilliant release! I Love Musescore 2!



Support discussion and development discussion happen on MuseScore.org. Github.com is only used for the code. It's easier because the vast majority of MuseScore users don't know what git or github are. Discussion on Facebook are mainly lost since nobody read them. So please use this forum.

If you want to file issue, here is the issue tracker: http://musescore.org/en/project/issues
Regarding the focus issue on ubuntu, it's already filed at #53386: [Linux PPA] Start center opens behind main window, please add your findings there.

Regarding development, see http://musescore.org/en/development

Thank you for your kind words! Looking forward to your first contribution!

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