Ability To Nominate Backup Folder

• Apr 6, 2015 - 12:03

MS currently places backups (.mscz, files) in the same folder as the matching score. One problem with this is the folder becoming cluttered with apparently duplicated files. But more importantly, being able to store the backup in a separate folder, and ideally, on a separate drive would make the backup file more robust. In the event of a drive failure you currently lose your backup as well as the original file. If you could store it on a separate drive you'd still have access to it if the drive containing the original fails. I'd see this being implemented as a new option in Preferences/General

Obviously, there are still scenarios where you could lose the backup as well as the original but anybody seriously concerned about this will probably already have a proper backup/disaster recovery strategy in place


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Basically, it's a copy you can use if your original gets lost or corrupted.

Here's what the manual says :

"MuseScore Backup File (.*.mscz, or .*.mscx,)
Backup files are created automatically and saved in the same folder as your normal MuseScore file. The backup file adds a period to the beginning of the file name (.) and a comma (,) to the end (for example, if your normal file is called "untitled.mscz", then the backup copy is called ".untitled.mscz,"). The backup copy contains the previously saved version of the MuseScore file and can be important if your normal copy becomes corrupted, or you need to look at an older version of your score. "

I've just realised that the Upload feature may help here. However, I'm not really familiar with it.

As far as I can see you can save a score to musecore.com (I just did so via the File/"Save Online" option to test it out). So you can easily save a copy of your work to somewhere other than your local hard drive. And you have the option of keeping it private so you won't have the embarrassment of unfinished scores being viewable by everybody. But the only way I can see of getting the score back into Musecore is to log in to your online account and and use the "Edit" option and opt to download and open it in Musecore.

As a backup method that will work fine though I'd like to be able to open a file held on musescore.com from directly within Musescore's File/Open dialogue.

Also for the super-cautious amongst us I'd still like the ability to nominate the save location for the automatically produced backup scores. That would allow us to mimic commercial practice of keeping 2 backups. 1 "onsite" in a secure location (your nominated save location) and the 2nd one "offsite" (on musescore.com).

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