slured note not playing - solved

• Apr 9, 2015 - 14:02

in bar 14, the second note of the slur in this piece does not play. ie, you end up with 3 beats in the bar, instead of 4 as written. It is as if the second note is played at the same time as the first, even though it is clearly after it. see attached arrangement.
If you check the properties in musescore 2 for the note, that note is set to play. It exhibits the same problem on musescore 1.3 (windows and linux) as well as musescore 2.0


I don't understand what you mean, but I am guessing you might be confused about the difference between a slur and a tie. There are no slurs in this piece. There are ties, however. And the whole point of a tie is, *don't* play the second note, but instead, extended the length of the first note by that duration fo the secord. If you count along, you will hear there *are* in fact four beats in the measure. It sounds exactly how it is supposed to played.

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