Pause/fermata in tablature

• Apr 10, 2015 - 13:08


i tried the new tablature feature and it is working great, but I did have this one problem:
I tried creating a tablature sheet for bass guitar, and I didn't find a way to add the "pause" sign to the tablature (I hope "pause" is the correct name, e.g. if i want to play quarter notes and skip every second one, so just a quarter note on "1" and "3").

I tried everything I could think of and also couldn't find anything in the handbook or forum.

Is this a bug, a wish or a documentation issue?



It's not a bug, all ok :)
If you want display the rests (a quarter rest in this case), you must choose in the wizard the Staff type "Full"

tab bass.jpg
For result:

If not, from a Staff type "Simple" or "Common": right-click on the Tab staff -> Staff Properties -> Advanced style properties -> Notes values -> Tick " Show rests"


With result (with common tab staff):
tab  common.jpg

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