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I've searched the forums and can't find what I'm looking for, but I readily admit I may be using the wrong terminology. I want to be able to have notes at the beginning of a measure, and then again at the end of the measure, with rests in between, but it won't let me DELETE the existing rests, and I can't use the mouse to try to position a note at the end of the measure. What am I missing?

Thank you!!!


The default state of Musescore is to always have the appropriate number of beats in a bar, so unless the entire bar consists of notes, there will be rests.

Let's assume, in 4/4/ time, you want to have a quarter note 1st, then an eighth note followed by an eighth rest and then a quarter note as the last note of the bar.

1. Select "entry mode", select the "1/4 note" duration and enter the first note, either by mouse or keyboard.
2. Select "1/8th" duration, add the second note.
3. Press the space bar and the cursor will advance 1 eighth note, producing an eighth rest.
4. Select "1/4 note" duration. Press space - the cursor will advance, leaving a 1/4 rest.
5. Add your last 1/4 note.


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Ah! Thank you so much! It seems so obvious now. =) And THANK YOU ALL for putting out a great freeware composition tool. No more reams of staff paper and eraser burns!

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Sorry but the above doesn't seem to be working for me. I have a crochet, then I want a quaver rest FOLLOWED by a quaver then two crochets.

I can only get a quaver rest at the END of the bar. I simply don't seem able to get it where I want it and using the answer above by pressing the space bar only seems to get the score to play back to me!

I am not a music expert and entry of music is an extremely long, frustrating and laborious task for me. I know I must be doing something wrong but at this moment I would gladly throw my pc out the window.

HELP !!!!!

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FWIW the SpaceBar used to enter a rest but it was changed in a version later than the posts you read and now it is used to start playback whilst 0 is now used to indicate a rest. You have been unfairly penalised for correctly observing forum etiquette and searching threads and then replying within that thread rather than some people who just start a new thread for every question.

Enter Note Entry mode, then:
5 n 4 0 4 n 5 n n

where n is replaced by your notes (c, d, e etc.).
The number states the duration, the letter states the note, 0 means a rest and the last two notes can be entered without needing to give a duration for the second crotchet since it's the same as the preceding note (useful when entering runs of notes, for instance).

Stick with this program as it's well worth it in the end.

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Thanks a heap for that - it worked. It is my first effort and I know I have a way to go but am getting quicker and am encouraged to know it wasn't me being a bit of an idiot.

Thanks again.

My next task is to find out how to put in a triplet - sigh!

Riven, there are two ways to enter notes. The suggestion to use numbers/keyboard like "5 n 4 0 4 n 5 n n" is the more advanced way. It's easier for a beginner to use the mouse. On the handbook page for note entry there are two bits of text: "The "N" button on the Note Entry toolbar indicates whether you are in Note Entry mode or not. Besides clicking the button, you can also use..." and " the duration of the note you need from the Note Entry toolbar, or use ...". Ignore everything else on the page! The rest of the page is about the more advanced keyboard entry, which you don't need.

So click on the big "N". Next, click on the icon for the note (1/4 note or whatever). Finally, click on where you want that note. Done!

Some subtleties: Assume you have a big rest and you want to replace it by a smaller rest followed by a note. You click on the icon for the note that has the same duration as the small rest you want, and you also click on the icon for a 1/4 note (crotchet) rest. Now you click on where you want the small rest, and it will appear. It will be followed by other rests to pad out the original big rest duration. You now unclick the rest icon, select your note duration and put the note where you want it. Observe that the 1/4 note rest does not really indicate duration -- it is meant as a generic icon for a rest.

The keyboard entry is faster if you get facile with it. The mouse style above is for simpletons like me, and I suspect most MuseScore users. I used to use LilyPond, which is the ultimate keyboard entry interface, and all my learning was wasted when I switched to MuseScore. I'm sticking with point and click, and I suggest that you start off with it.

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Thanks MikeN. I have actually been getting on better today with the help I have found on ol' faithful You Tube together with the help all you guys on here have given me. It's been really great actually receiving the replies with all the helpful tips you have furnished me with. I wasn't sure anyone would even see my dismay and take the time to respond so thanks and thanks again.

I am a touch typist so much prefer to use the pc keyboard and am getting on using both mouse and keyboard. Whenever I can I learn the keyboard as it is so much quicker but I cannot forget the mouse altogether, especially with dotted notes as I haven't yet worked out how to do that without mousy.

The information you have given as been really helpful. Ta muchly as we say in these parts. My pc is safe inside the house and not sailing out the window - for now!

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