Lyrics font changes to very small default size every time I enter a new syllable

• Apr 23, 2010 - 17:41

I have version 0.9.5 on Windows 7 platform. It took me much more time than it should have when typing in the lyrics for a composition for an elementary school choir. I went to 1. Create 2. Text 3. Lyrics and typed in the first syllable of a word under the first note. (I found out that I need to use a size 21 Times New Roman font in order to read it when printing.) Then when I pressed the space key to move to type the next syllable under the next note, the lyrics font size automatically goes back to the default size 8 Times New Roman which is impossible to read when printing. I have already read the other posts on your forum related to issues or bugs with entering lyrics. But I'm still confused -Would you please guide me step by step how to set a Lyrics font to a large enough size that will stay at the large font for every note I enter? I will try attaching my finished file with the size 21 font. You can try re-entering some of the lyrics and try to re-create the scenario where it goes back to size 8 font for every note. Again, I have version 0.9.5 with Windows 7 and a Lexmark X5150 inkjet printer. Thanks so much -I'm a new user of MuseScore and find it's an extremely useful tool!
Any other suggestions with how to better format the attached composition would be helpful!

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I had a similar problem in that I had lyrics entered that had defaulted to Times New Roman. Later when I was entering more lyrics the default font had somehow changed to Helvetica.

I found that if I right-clicked on any lyric I could Select > All Similar Elements. All the lyrics were selected. Then I could right-click again over any lyric and choose Text Properties. From the dialogue box presented I could change all the lyrics at once.

Hence you could enter the lyrics without worrying what the font is and sort it out later.

Of course it would be nice if the bugs could be clobbered as well!! All in good time, no doubt,


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Hello, I checked the default printer, and the Lexmark 5150 was already set as the default printer. This is the only printer I ever use with this computer, as it is not networked to other computers or printers.
Is there some way to remedy this problem of the default font always going back to size 8.89, no matter what font style? This has been frustrating to manually have to change the font size by repeatedly clicking on the up arrow beside the font size to increase the font for every time I space over to a new syllable!! Just wondering if there's any way someone could try re-creating this scenario with the file I attached? Just try erasing a few syllables of my "Don't be a bully" song and then try typing in the words using the lyrics tool and see if it always goes back to size 8.89 font.
Thanks so much!

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The lyrics should print out the same size as they appear on screen. They do for me but in your first post it sounded like they were printing out too small. That is what I was responding to in my first comment.

As far as the default size for the lyrics, that is set in Style > Edit Text Style > Lyrics. This will affect the size of new lyric syllables. In the prerelease for 0.9.6 you can also change of groups of lyric syllables after they are already written by selecting the lyrics, right click and choose Text Properties.

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Thanks for the suggestion. In your first comment you are right that I meant the lyrics were printing too small, as well as being small on the screen,but actually I also meant that both the notes and lyrics were printing out too small. When I change the font for each syllable to size 20 in Times New Roman, then it also happens to enlarge the size of the notes to fit the lyrics. When I first start entering notes or lyrics, is there something I should do to change the overall size of the notes and lyrics before printing?
I tried your latest suggestion of going to Style>Edit Text Style>Lyrics where it says Lyrics Odd or Lyrics Even. I couldn't get this to change the default lyric size as when I started trying to re-enter lyrics it still seems to go to size 8.89 for every syllable. I will try downloading the prerelease 0.9.6 tonight and let you know after I try it in a few days if it helps with the lyric font size.
Thanks for your patience!
P.S. Is there a sample Muse Score file with lyrics you could send me a link to from another user so I could test printing it on my computer to see how large it prints?

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