Integrate with Web MIDI API

• Apr 17, 2015 - 09:32

It would be great if the amazing musescore website also integrated with your MIDI devices using the new Web MIDI API . It's now available in Chrome 43 beta and appears to be actively developed in Firefox too :-)


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I think one question mark would be suffice :)

Well, there are plenty of reasons imho.

The musescore webplayer could play directly to your MIDI instrument. This would open up to more users who cannot install the Musescore software on their machines either due to technical challenges or perhaps because they use cloud based OSs like Chromebook.

The quality of playback would be improved as the audio/sampling quality on MIDI devices tends to be better than that provided by existing web browsers or those defaults provided by an OS.

Going forward, perhaps the webplayer could play one part on your MIDI device while you play along. I.e you play keyboard, it plays drums or vice versa.

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Playback on doesn't use your computer's MIDI capabilities - it is rendered to audio on the server using soundfonts that are definitely much better than what is provided with most systems, and comparable to that on typical sample-based synthesizers. So I don't think you'd be generally getting better sound - just different. And can't you already play on your keyboard along with the playback? You wouldn't need direct MIDI playback for that. You'd just need both your computer and your keyboard to be hooked up to your sound system. Also, you can already download the MIDI file and play it using whatever native player you have, if you have one that can do MIDI out.

EDIT: none of which is to say there would be no benefit whatsoever. Just that so far, it's not really clear to me.

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> And can't you already play on your keyboard along with the playback?

Well, of course you can! In fact, what's the point of having a web player at all? Just display the music and you can play it yourself ;-)

Oh well, I thought taking advantage of the new browser paradigm was a good idea. It could have meant narrowing down the number of platforms being maintained. Alas, it seems I was wrong..

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Well, I don't now the first thing about this "new broswer paradigm", so I'm just trying to understand what you perceive the advantages to be. I have no idea what you mean about "narrowing down the numebr of platforms being maintained". Plaforms for what software? Maintained by whom? As it is, plays audio, not MIDI, and that already works on virtually every platform imaginable. So I'm struggling to understand how supporting an additonal new API reduces maintenance. Not that I am involved with the maintenance of the web site. But again, if you want to make a case for it, it would help to explain in greater detail.

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