Translating the manual into german language

• Apr 17, 2015 - 13:25


first of all: congratulations to all who have contributetd to the new version of MuseScore. I can imagine that it was quite a lot of work - and the result is great. I am using MuseScore for more than 2 years now. My old note processing software (Capella and others) is sleeping well since. I only open it when I need some old files of the Pre-MuseScore-Era.

If it's welcome I would like to offer my help for the translation of the handbook into german language! How can we get in contact? I have seen that there is already german handbook as PDF-File, but most of the chapters are still in english. Of course I cannot do the whole translation but I can propose to contribute some chapters. Therefore it would be helpful to know if other people are already working on this subject, which chapters they are working on and which chapters are still waiting for a translator.

All the best


Hi raluc, so far I've been the only one working on this (to the best of my knowledge).
it is indeed a task to big for just one person, so help is more than welcome.

Basically everything that isn't translated yet waits for getting translated ;-)
and everything that is translated waits for proof reading.

There are still some issues needing to be settled, need Thomas (Bonte) for that, like the date in the cover page od the PDF not being in German format, the language dependant attachments not being hidden in the PDF, the outline (the order of topics) and some other formatting issues, but in general all the infrastructure is in place, so go ahead, grab a page and translate...

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Hi Jojo-Schmitz,

I've tried to open the handbook page as you have explained to Pentatonus:

"Just go to the handbook page and there to the "Bearbeiten" tab.
Make sure to keep the html and markdown stuff "

and on the english page text input seems to be possible, but when I change to the german handbook page there is no "Edit" tab at all. Do you know how to make appear the "Edit" tab to be able to put in the german translation?


like raluc, i want to offer my help in translating the handbook to german.

Maybe i can translate the chapters under "Text"? How to do it? Simply write the translated text in a textfile or are there special files to write in?

@raluc: du kannst mich erreichen unter chilissimo69 (at), falls wir uns absprechen müssen.

@raluc @Pentatonus

Apologies for the late reply. As I was traveling through Germany, I wasn't on the job for a couple of days.

I have added translation permissions to both your MuseScore accounts. So you will both see the edit/beartbeiten tab now.

I'm contemplating to open up the translation for all authenticated users.

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Hi Thomas,

thanks for the translation permission. I already have continued a bit. While translating the text I recognized that the screenshots remain in english. Sometimes they should be replaced by german versions too, though my priority is translating first of all the complete english text to german.

But if some day we (Pentatonus and me, maybe others too) would like to change the screenshots too, how is it possible to replace the english versions?


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You will find a section for language dependent attachement where you can upload your 'de' images. Once uploaded, replace the inline english image for the german one. In any case, I will create a video to explain it all.

Thanks for your help!

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