Time signature change read incorrectly in corrupt 1.3 score

• Apr 18, 2015 - 16:30
S4 - Minor

I've made my score in musescore 1, And I worked in musescore 2. After I saved the file in musescore two and opened it again, the score got broken. Compare two scores I've attached.

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Symphony_no1 3rd mvt.mscz 75.37 KB
Symphony_no.1_3rd_movement..mscz 229.76 KB


It seems your original 1.3 score was corrupt on load into 2.0, but it isn't clear is it was already corrupt or if something went wrong when loading it.

To see the corrupt, load the 1.3 version (the one with ms1 in the title) and examine measures 9 and 63. In measure 9, there is a time signature change - as there should be (compare with the same score loaded into 1.3) but the layout is wrong - somehow there is too much space between the barline and the 4/4. But in measure 63, the time signature apparently changes from 3/4 to 4/4 (and you can see this in 1.3), but there is no visible time signature. So when you save and reload, the subsequent measures are flagged as corrupt - because they are in 4/4 but there is no 4/4 time signature

Another clue: the layout also looks bad in measure 8. Delete the notes there and you can see it's way too narrow. This seems to be because there is a staff text *after* the barline. I can't see it, but if I add another staff text, select all similar, and delete, then the layout in measure 8-9 returns to normal. However, this does not fix measure 63 - it's too late for that.

It seems this invisible staff text was present in the original 1.3 score as well. Looking at the mscx file in a text editor, I see the staff text is there but empty, and it has a tick element, which is probably the source of the problem. If I delete it there (using the same trick), save, and then load the resulting score into 2.0, then measures 8-9 look fine. But the time signature is still missing in measure 63.

Apparently, there *is* no time signature in measure 63. I am looking at the mscx for the original score in a text editor, and there simply are no time signature elements in measure 63 for any staff. And indeed, looking at the score in 1.3, I now realize there is no time signature there either - only the courtesy time signature at the end of the previous system. I guess that is showing up because there is an entry for it in the sigmap, but no actual timesig element is present.

So the score *is* in fact corrupt already in 1.3.

You can fix it by adding a real time signature change in measure 63 in 1.3, then saving. The resulting score will load fine into 2.0 except for the bogus staff text.

I would say to the extend there is a bug in 2.0, it is not handling the tick element on the empty text better, and no handling the missing time signature better. But as the score is already corrupt, I don't think we need to consider this critical.