Translation the Handbook into Japanese language

• Apr 21, 2015 - 00:47

I have been enjoying Ver1.3 since December 2014 and am now so impessed by the various new and upgraded features in Ver2.0.
Probably I will be a late comer but shall be pleased to join a team for Japenese Handbook.

Kind regards


Dear Thomas-san and Neco-san,

Since the end of April to this week, I have had the good time to read through the Handbook and translated a part thereof into Japanese language. It must have been such a wonderful time encouraging myself to learn more and now I think, as I did what I could, the time for me to leave the Japanese Handbook to your good hands so that it will be further developped for the benefit of the MuseScore Users.

I express my sincere thanks to you both allowing me to work on the Handbook.

Best regards,

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