Deleting old files

• May 8, 2010 - 23:36

Hi folks,
Can anybody tell me how to delete old pieces that I no longer need?
For instance; I have arrangements or transcriptions that I have abandoned and when I go into 'open' or 'open recent' all the pieces that I have been working on in the past appear in the box (aswell as pieces I am currently working on) I have tried to right click and remove but it doesn't work! Where do I have to go to, to delete these old and unwanted files?
Sorry but I'm not very 'savvy' with computers.

Many thanks,

Grant Allen.



the actual files are stored somewhere on your harddisk.
"Recent Files" only shows a reference to your last opened files.

Here you can actually also see the path to your file.

You will have to delete the files on your harddisk of your computer.
The path will help you to find the file.
Do you know, which operating system is your computer using?

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in Windows 7 you will be able to find these files also through the Search Box, see here:

In Windows 7, you can find more things in more places—and do it faster.

Start typing into the Start menu search box, and you'll instantly see a list of relevant documents

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