Can't find copyright

• Apr 21, 2015 - 16:37


Still when I add my copyright symbol while creating my score, it shows as (C) rather than the circled "C".


BUT, now when I attempt to click on it to redo it, which generally changes it to the proper symbol, it cannot be selected.

I have searched everywhere in MS and cannot find out how to change it. Surely it should be in the "Text" area as it is text.

Help, please.


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Thanks, but see Marc: #21.

Perhaps it's a coding issue, but I can't see why ANY "C" between brackets in the Copyright section of a new score shouldn't produce the correct result. Anything else is user-unfriendly.

Having it in File -> info makes no sense to me. It's txt.

FWIW, since I am also now on a keubaord with no numeric keypad and henbce no obvious way to enter a copyright symbol, I generally use the Special Characters palette to enter the copyright symbol into the title or somewhere else (eg, double click title, press F2, double click copyright symbol), copy it from there, then go to File / Info and paste. I still don't like it, but I've moved on :-)

Here's an idea. Is it possible for the New Score Wizard to open up with some text already filled in? If so, simply put that one little symbol in the otherwise empty Copyright box, saving the user a serious headache. Like this:

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It's not a bad idea. Downside would be that often you might not want to enter copyright text and often people would probably forget forget to erase it.

Note MuseScore *does* prepopulate this box with whatever you used for the last score you created during this session.

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