Lyric text too small

• May 9, 2010 - 22:21

Hi folks,
Can anybody tell me how to return the default on the size of the lyrics?
I tried to alter the spacing of the frames so as to fit more staves on one sheet. This it did and I was able to fit two staves on one page but; the lyrics were too small to read. I then tried to 'undo' my actions but no luck. I then went into 'text properties' but no luck. then I went into 'lyric properties' and tried to enter a larger font ..... still no luck! I now have a long piece of music where the notation is readable but the lyrics are unreadable .................HELP!

Hope someone can help,



It is difficult to tell from your report what problem you are encountering. Including a screen shot that shows the problem might help. Information about which operating system and MuseScore version is essential.

A few possibilities exist, Here is one:

Of course there might be other reasons. A good place to start looking for these other possibilities and solutions is to use the search box on the right-hand side of this web site. I found the previous link by searching for "lyric small"

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