drum notation floor toms?

• Apr 24, 2015 - 21:15

Why are the floor toms postioned on the same staff location? Can this be changed? Otherwise how do you indicate low or high floor toms?


You can edit the drum set using the "Edit Drumset" button in the drum toolbar (or in right click menu).

I suspect - but am just guessing - the reaosn the two floor toms share a staff line (space) is that it's relatively rare to have two floor toms at the same time / in the same kit, s it's more about offering a choice than about thinking you might actually them both in the same score. Doesn't totally make sense to make that the high one would be voice 2 / stem down, though. Unless, hmm, maybe it was intended for a "cocktail drum" setup with a pedal *below* the floor tom? That actually makes some sense...

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Thankx Marc.

But there should not be any assumptions made whether there is a 3 piece or 10 piece drum kit. All drumming sheet music follow The standard drum notation and each note on the staff represents a specific instrument. Refer to the drum notation link on this site and that is what I expected. Otherwise the transcription would be confusing.

I'll try to edit the drum set.

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The wonderful thing about standards is tere are so many to choose from! There is, unfortunately, very little standardization of drum set notation. Each publisher establises abd follows their own conventions for which drum to notate on which line. And there are mote possible drums than staff lines, so really, no way to literally have each possible drum in a set be a different line. Compromises have to be nadw that might work for some cases but not others. This seems to be one - the "high floor tom" in the default set works well for some kits but not others. If it were changed, it would still work well for some but not others. If have speciic ideas about how you personally like your drum set notation to work, that is why the customization facility works. It is impossible to have one single definition that works for everyone, because - again - there is no one standard.

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Hey Mark understood.

But what I was trying to get at is that most drum sheet music, as much as I have seen and used, follow the mit drum notation link. Even drum books published for the bands, follow the same convention, even though they publish the drum notation in the book also. So for a drumkit from a 3 up / 2 down configuration and less, each drum can be accommodated on the staff. Otherwise would be very difficult to interpret different staff placements without marking up the drumsheet.


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Huh, you msut be looing at a lot of music from the same publisher(s). I look at music on a regular basis from a wide variety of publishers from all over the world, and there is *not* the sort of standardization you are describing. It really is all over the map in my experience. Again, if you like that particular standard, feel free to set it up and save it as a drumset file so you can reuse it.

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