Sound is On & Off but YouTube Helps a bit...

• Apr 26, 2015 - 20:06

I'm very confused. Playback was working fine but now remains totally silent or begins and cuts out. One clue I discovered by accident. If the sound is totally out, I can go to YouTube, start a clip, and the sound will play, as usual. When I return to MuseScore, I will get playback sound but only temporarily.

From reading in the Forums I noted that some part of MuseScore must be stored in the Documents folder and earlier versions can cause a problem. So I found some .dmg files that had early dates on them and put them in trash. No improvement.

This is disappointing. Please let me know what to do. MuseScore 2.0, MacBook Pro OSX 10.10.3


You *only* have 2.0 installed, no beta or nightly builds? First thing I'd do is make sure you have no beta or nightly builds installed, then do a revert to factory settings as described for your OS in the Handbook. If that doesn't help, post the settings you see in Edit / Preferences / I/O. One or two other people on MacOS seems to have problems as well, could be some sort of conflict with some other application you have installed or something like that.

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I have followed your instructions and the problem persists. Sometimes, starting a YouTube clip will also start playback on MuseScore 2.0 and sometimes stopping the same clip will also stop playback. So, it appears we have contention for the same output settings. I think I also notice that rebooting and staying off the Internet 100% will give me better luck with MuseScore playback. I'm not sure about that. My I/O preferences have never changed and are the Default settings. -- Thanks for your attention to this. JHJ

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In the I/O tab of MuseScore Preferences "PortAudio" is checked. Then the API: is "Core Audio" with no other option available. The Device: is "Built-in Output"

The JACK audio server option is not checked at all. I have made no changes to any of this, ever.

Thanks! JHJ

Did my settings help clarify this problem? Here's another observation. I notice that, if I stay out of YouTube, during an entire session, Playback seems to work fine. However, if another session uses any playback from YouTube or otherwise, I must reboot in order to get MuseScore Playback to work reliably. All the best! JHJ

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Apparently, the sound output conflict is manageable by a quick Restart of my MacBook Pro so I'm not considering it to be a big problem. - I did not find any option such as you describe. I think I have seen it on other computers. Anyway, I have a way to reliably play my scores and that's all I need. MuseScore remains the finest notation software I've encountered. -- JHJ

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