Too much reverb

• Apr 27, 2015 - 20:59

I uploaded a score made from Finale Notepad and transferred to MuseScore. The Finale version had NO reverb or echo. The uploaded MuseScore is swimming in excessive reverb. I opened F10 and adjusted echo to the minimum when I edited the MuseScore but it has not helped. Any ideas?

Jeffrey Kaufman


Shouldn't be "swimming" in reverb, but indeed, a small amount is applied to all playback - not just scores imported from Finale Notatepad - by default. You can reduce it even further or turn in off in View / Synthesizer / Effects. I downlaoded the file in your link just to make sure there isn't something unusual going on. I hear only the default minimal amount of reverb.

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Hi Marc, thanks for the suggestions which I would like to try but I'll be damned if I can find View / Synthesizer / Effects. There just seems to be so much stuff at MuseScore that for me at least, just seems inaccessible or difficult to find. Can you tell me how to find View / Synthesizer / Effects. I really did look all over the place.

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Sorry, but once again I am saying that there IS TOO MUCH ON MUSESCORE that is not easily accessible. . I cannot find VIEW in any Menu Bar. Can you take a screen shot. Seriously, someone has to go back and redesign your pages for much easier access. Here Is what I have

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