No Playback

• Apr 29, 2015 - 23:23

I clicked on the score I need to edit for Solo & Ensemble and there's no playback whatsoever. Input is fine but there is absoultely no sound. I even went in and messed around with the audio settings under Edit > Preferenes > I/O. I have no earthly clue on how to fix this. Restarting my computer didn't help either.


We need more information to be able to help:

- what version of MuseScore?
- what OS?
- what are your current I/O settings?
- are other applications making sound?
- is it only this score with the problem?
- do you see a soundfont loaded in View / Syntheiszer (2.0) or Display / Synthesizer (1.3)?
- did this work at one point then stop working?
- did you ever install any previous experimental pre-release builds?
- have you tried reverting MuseScore to factory settings (details of how to do this differ according to version and OS; see the Handbook for your particular version)?

I too am experiencing this problem. It happened yesterday. I uninstalled and tried reinstalling the program, but it didn't solve the problem.

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