D.S. al Coda Problems

• May 1, 2015 - 00:23

I inserted a D.S. al Coda and a Segno into my score, but Musescore doesn't play it in playback. I have "Play Repeats" on and I don't understand why it's not working.


Neither does anyone else. Please post your score.

Based upon previous posts there is about a 10% chance that you have found a new bug and about a 90% chance that either MuseScore just isn't doing what you expected it to or you have entered something incorrectly.

One thing I *can* guess even without seeing the score - you didnb't mention adding a coda. MuseScore often can't play repeats when the roadmap is not complete. If you add a "DS al Coda", it may not be able to deal with until you add the "To Coda" and the coda itself.

I attach my file.

I am using v2.1.0.

I am having difficulties also. I have read the manual, I have watched the video.

I have added:
- 'Segno'
- D. S. al Coda
- 'To Coda'
- and a Coda symbol

I know I have done something wrong, but it just won't repeat and I don't know why...



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For anyone else still troubled, I think MuseScore does have a glitch where D.S. or D.S. al Fine will not play repeats even with the "Play Repeats" checked, at least for me. I solved this by using D.S. al Coda (because apparently that one plays repeats) and I put the desired "To Coda" in the same measure as the "D.S. al Coda" and the Coda in the measure after, and set both invisible, so ideally the codas don't really do anything. And changed the text to make it say "D.S." but it still functions as D.S. al Coda.

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You added a DS, not a DS al coda, so of course it doesn't jump to the coda. Delete the DS and add a DS al coda and now it plays correctly. No repeat on the DS because you didn't have turned on, but if you want it to take the repeat on the DS, just turn on "Play repeats" for the "DS al coda" using the Inspecotr. I tried it and it plays perfectly either way.

My DS is placed within a repeat bracket.

How do I make the DS jump to my segno, first then do the repeats and not vice-versa?

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If I understand correctly, you don't - that is not how standard musical notation works, and human musicians would therefore do the same as MuseScore. You should figure out how to reorganize the repeat structure to follow the usual conventions. Feel free to attach your score and describe in more detail what you'd like to have happen instead, and someone should be able to afvise you.

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Agree with respect to understanding the convention on score playback and more than willing to try to help someone work out what is not going as anticipated on playback.

I have had a buggy placement of the to coda element cause playback issues in the last day or so. There is a bug in playback related to elements not applying completely it is a fairly random maybe one out of every 100 scores you notate hiccup. I have had it happen with version 2.3.2 up to and including pre tree branch update of 3.01 , It doesn't appear to cause any crashing, just makes you stop and think for a bit as to what is going on..

I haven't found a repeatable way to generate these playback related bugs yet. My first go to, if it is not the playback buttons, is to check delete and reinsert all the repeat and jump elements. that works around it every time :) In this most recent instance for example I simply deleted the to coda element and replaced it and then playback worked as expected.

I just dealt with this issue. I had added repeat signs in addition to the D.S. al Coda and Coda indicators. When, I deleted the repeat signs, the D.S. and Code markings were followed as I wanted.

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