Attempt at multiple note selection causes notes to change order

• May 4, 2015 - 00:14

Is this a bug or just a feature that I haven't fully appreciated? When entering notes and attempting to select a few them using the [Shift] and Arrow keys (say, to apply staccato marks or add intervals to a run of notes) the note order gets shuffled around.

Steps taken to reproduce:
In Note Entry mode...
Enter a few notes,
Press [Shift] and Left-Arrow.
Result - the last-entered note moves with the Arrow and the other notes shuffle around it

Press [Shift] and Right-Arrow to reverse the process.

This happens in RC 2.0 and in the Nighly 953c0fa.
Linux - xubuntu 15.04

It doesn't happen if you leave Note Entry mode and then come back to do the selection. If it's a feature and not a bug then I could do without it.


No, I think that's very deliberate. It's not too much trouble to just hit Escape to leave note entry mode, is it? Especially because the last note will still be selected.

It's a not-very-well-advertised feature that Shift+Left and Shift+Right exchange the position of note note/rest with the preceding/following one. I could imagine this feature it being useful in certain cases, but I almost never think to use it myself, so I can't really give you a specific use case. Feel free to disable the shortcuts if it bothers you.

OK, so it's a feature I can't see myself using but I can imagine that someone, somewhere might, maybe, perhaps want it but you say that I can disable this shortcut? I went into Edit > Preferences > Shortcuts and changed [Shift]left to F3 (an unused key) but [Shift]-left still does the shuffle so I'm assuming it's more of a "hard-wired" keyboard shortcut rather than a user-modifiable one?

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No, it should be user-configurable just like others. Perhaps you *added* a shortcut rather thsan *replacing* it? MuseScore supports multiple shortcuts per command, and I am guessing you are seeing both listed if you go back to the shortcuts window. Also try simply clearing the shortcut.

Apologies - I now see that there are two entries for shift-left and I changed the one for "Add previous chord to selection" instead of "Move chord/rest left". Have now successfully removed them.

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