Songbook for Android still not reading 2.0 files

• May 6, 2015 - 23:17

According to the description in the play store, songbook should now be able to open v2.0 .mscz files. But even after uninstalling and reinstalling, I still get a message that only v1.3 files are supported.


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I thought it may have been a problem updating the app which is why I uninstalled and then re-downloaded from the play store, but to no avail.

The app info shows it as v1.8 which is what is shown on the play store information.

I'm trying to open a v2.0 .mscz file that I've pinned in my Google Drive folder.

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Ah... Yes, it is likely that these were created using a late beta version of the desktop software. All the same, the error message is wrong.

I'm on vacation now so will have to wait until I get back to make sure to get the release version of the desktop software and re-save the files.

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Indeed, only files created with the final 2.0 release or more recently the 2.0.1 release will open in the Songbook app. Files created with a beta release or nightly build will not open and give an error message.

We'll adapt the error message so no confusion is possible.

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