Double note heads everywhere

• May 8, 2015 - 11:04

I've been a user of Musescore for some years now. I just loaded Ms 2.0 and found that every note or chord I entered with my keyboard has two heads, one facing each direction. The only thing I could think to do was uninstall the program, reboot, and install again. Which I did, and it is still posting double notes.

The computer is a Samsung (32 bit) with 8 GB of RAM, and no obvious issues. The keyboard is a full-sized Roland.

I've used this keyboard for many pages of orchestra score in the past, so the problem's probably not there. Obviously, if this were a well-known issue, everyone would be talking about it.

I'm rather stuck here. Perhaps someone has solved the same problem?

Kent Smith


Hard to say without seeing hte score - the actual MSCZ file, not just a picture of - but I'm guessing for some reason you had accidentally entered two notes everywhere. In 1.3, these were erroneously displaying on top of each other rather than as you have described, and that bug is fixed now. So scores created in 1.3 that had two notes everywhere would not be displaying that, instead overlappng the notes, but now that this bug is fixed, those scores now display correctly. You;d had to delete one of each note now.

But it sounds from your description that this isn't just a problem with one isolated 1.3 score, but happens all the time? If so, that probably isn't it. Still, it would help if you posted the score you are having problems with and/or *precise* step by step instructions to reproduce the problem.

Looking on Google it seems that everyone (excluding MuseScore users) is talking about it and the consensus seems to be that their MIDI controller is sending two notes either via two MIDI USB feeds or via one USB plus through another interface or through two channels. If this is the case then I doubt that looking at the score alone will help.

Are you able to create a MIDI file using your keyboard and any other program on your computer? If so, create a file and then import it into MuseScore and see what happens and then post the MIDI file plus the MuscScore file and see if anyone bright (-er than me) can analyse them both.

Ah, I missed the part about "keybaord" actually meaning, "*MIDI* keyboard. I guess Roland probably doesn't make computer keyboards though :-)

In which case, I'm guessing it's been doing this all along, but the aforementioned bug in 1.3 meant you never realized it until now.

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Thank you for your suggestions.

The problem came up in Ms 2.0.1, not 1.3. Apparently the issue was, indeed, in the Roland keyboard. Thinking about M. Underquark's comment, I checked the Roland's connection to the machine. There were two cables going from the Roland into it, plugged in the way the Instructions diagram showed it should be done. So I unplugged one, then the other -- no dice -- then I switched the order they were plugged in. That was all it took, after losing HOURS trying to figure the wretched problem out. Now I can enter readable, single-headed notes.

So Musescore's forum comes through again. Thank you.

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I underzstand the problem is only *visible* in 2.0.1, but as I said, a bug / limitation in 1.3 caused it to happily enter two separate notes but make them display overlapped. So you might not realzie your 1.3 scores actually have doubled notes too, because they are being displayed overlapping rather than side by side as they should be. Try loading one of your 1.3 scores into 2.0 to see. Not sure what you'd be able to do about it though, aside from manually deleting notes one by one, so if you see files created in 1.3 with this issue, you probably should just not bother laoding them into 2.0

This morning when I turned on my computer, Musescore (2.0.1) reverted to creating double notes everywhere. As I mentioned earlier this is being input on a Roland keyboard, RD-300SX. It's a keyboard that I've used to enter a ton of music with Musescore going back for three or four years.

Please check out the attached sample of the double-headed score. This it's not a real piece -- I just tried a variety of phrases to see if some didn't produce the two heads.

There has to be a solution to this. If I were just writing short pieces it would only be an annoyance, but when there will be some thousands of notes involved it's a very big deal. Any suggestions will surely be appreciated!

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If you are again seeing double-headed notes during note entry in MuseScore 2.0.1 (even after the previous 'switched cables fix'):

Check that you are using single mode rather than layered tones (dual mode) on the MIDI keyboard.

Also, the RD-300SX has *both* midi and usb connectors. Try using only the usb connection; and switch between the Original (supplied) and any available Generic (OS) usb drivers.


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Jm6stringer -- on your advice I hooked up the USB connector on the RD-300SX, something I'd never used. It didn't seem to make any difference at first.

A few minutes ago I gave up with the test files of the last couple of days, and opened the current orchestra score. The surprise was that the Roland keyboard input worked flawlessly on it.

Was it because of the USB connection? I don't know, it didn't work with the little test files, but I'll certainly keep it.

Anyway, for the moment everything's working again. There's some quirk going on here that has to be a consequence of my settings, or the way I've been initiating the scores, or who knows.

Thanks for the suggestions and pertinent questions, and I won't bother the forum any more on this matter.

Kent Smith

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