Support for Brass Band instruments

• Jun 4, 2010 - 22:31
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Brass bands traditionally use treble clef with transposition for all instruments (except the bass trombone). I have attached a suggested modification to the standard instruments.xml which makes the current Brass grouping "Brass (Orchestral)" and introduces a new "Brass (Band)" section, containing just the normal brass band repertoire of instruments.

I hope that this, or something like it, could be included in a future release of MuseScore.


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I forgot to mention that the instruments in "Brass (Band)" have the appropriate transpositions ... which was the point of this in the first place!

Sorry if this is a dummy question - but I presume the xml fil is used in play back - How do you get the programme to point at the 'instruments-band.xml' and not the 'instrument.xml' - I have deposited the 'instruments-band.xml' file in the templates directory.

It's intended to let you easily create a brass band score, with the usual set of brass band instruments and transpositions. The way I use it is to go to Edit -> Preferences... and then on the General tab change the "Instrument List" to point to intruments-band.xml. It's meant to be a drop-in replacement for the original.


sorry how do you add this to muse score im a new user trying to add brass band instruments in and its really complicated seen as im really bad on computers

Title Support for Brass Band instruments (fix attached) Support for Brass Band instruments
Status (old) active patch (code needs review)

Hi amybfox123, I would recommend you use the forum :).

Changing status and title to reflect a fix is attached.

It's in progress Jojo

I am now starting to get back to sorting this.

I am proposing to introduce two new instrument groups: Ethnic and Brass Band

Anyone have any others they want adding while I'm on the case?