break up the stem of a chord in two and edit their duration

• May 12, 2015 - 02:11
S5 - Suggestion

Does anyone know how to put a a crotchet (facing down) right under a pair of quaver (facing up) on let's say the upper staff instead of repeating it with a slur? I need to split the cluster in a left-/right-hand way, when both hand plays close at the very antipodes of the keyboard.
Mac os 10.9.5
ms version 1.3 revision 5702


Please use the support forum for questions on how to use MuseScore. The issue tracker is for bug reports with precise step by step instructions to reproduce the problem. Also, you should downlaod the current version, 2.0.1. 1.3 is several years old now!

I am guessing that you are asking about multiple voices - see that section fo the Handbook for the versin of the software you are using. If that does not answer your question, please ask in the support forum, and include a picture or more complete description of what you are trying to do.

Sorry that should be a forum topic, as i think some other poeple might want to do that.

voice is a right answer but, you may have silence to make invisible in the other clef.
That may be another solution
(you may need to turn the beam for the other hand with "x")

hope i'm clear.. ;)