Repeats D.C. and all other no not play the score once more in a correct way if Start und End Repeat is used

• Jun 13, 2010 - 18:30
S4 - Minor
by design

To play a song which has more then one strophe and a special end after the second one I try to use the feature
Repeats D.C.

If in the score a Start repeat with an End repeat is used the repetitions for the first strophe is correct.
In the second strophe, which is done with a Repeats D.C command the repetitions in the Start repeat with an End repeat area are played only once.
It seems that also all other do not work correctly
See attached short test file

Version 0.9.6
Windows 2000

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Yes, but plenty of exceptions exist. The musical term is "D.C./D.S. al fine con repetitione"
which simply means, play back from marker and repeat at every repeat sign.

I agree with the person who raised this report - at least I need the feature, and I can think of others.

I think the point is, the current behavior is correct - it's not a bug that repeats don't play on DS. It's more of a feature request to add this capability. See:

So hopefully some day this will be implemented. Meanwhile, though, do keep in mind the primary purpose of MuseScore is notation, not playback. And if for some reason you do value having playback that includes the repeats on the DS, you can always get that effect by writing the score out in full, or exporting to a sequencer and manipulating there.