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• May 18, 2015 - 03:57

I am trying MuseScore, specially regarding layout, and I have a question. I created an orquestral score from MuseScore's default templates. The first system started in page 2. After I changed the bottom margin of the page from 20mm to 10mm the first system went to page 1. But, because staves have the same distance between them, the whole system on page 2 was higher than page 1 (because there is no title on page 2, of course). Now I want the second system, on page 2, and subsequent ones to fit more evenly in the page. To do that I would put more space between staves, making the last staff of page 2 be at same level as last staff on page 1. But, if I do that in Style -> General -> Page, it changes the distance in the whole score, and the first system goes back to page 2. So, I wonder if there is a way to set the Staff Distance for the whole score and then reduce staff distance only in the first system (or in a specific system in the middle of the score).
I am attaching the file I would like to change and a PDF of what I want.
I hope someone could help me with this question.

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Welcome on board,
Select measure 16: Add/Frames>Insert Vertical Frame;
Repeat step to measure 32;
View>Uncheck 'Show Frames'.
Is it what you are looking for?

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Thanks for the reply.
But it is not what I am looking for. The first staff of page 2 should be in the same position. Also, imagine I have a score with 100 pages. Doing this would make me lose a lot of time. What I need is reduce staff spacing only in page 1, or, increase staff space of all other systems (in a way that all systems could be done once).

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That kind of resolve my problem, but it is not what I want. I would like to have more control of the objects in the score, and it seems that MuseScore does not have that yet. I am a user of another notation software professionally for years and I have not changed to other program because it was the only one I was able to do that. I notice it is easy to give more space between specific staves, using Spacers, but I did not find out how to reduce that space without having to put spacers in every system, between every staff, and it is a lot of work if I am writing a full score with a lot of pages. Despite that, I like this 2.0 version of the program and I would recommend to my friends.

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We do have a min and max distance for systems, what you'd probably need is a min and max distance for staves.
Rather than decreasing the title frame, I'd add one on all subsequent pages or use a spacer up on a measure of the top staff of every page, so all systems line up nicely rather than spread the entire pages but not line up with the 1st page

I think you are understanding the situation well. I don't see the need to make the bottom margins align, so to me it's a non-issue, but if you really want to make this happen, you could simply print the first page separately.

As a future enhancement, though, we could indeed use a way to decrease distance between specific staves on specific systems, or have min/max staff distance settings like we do for system distance.

If you increase the height of the vertical frame at the beginning, you can turn it into a separate title page, and then the music starting on the next page will be on a level with the rest of the pages.

@ filipedfs -- You wrote: 'What I need is reduce staff spacing only in page 1, or, increase staff space of all other systems (in a way that all systems could be done once).'

Where there's a will, there's a way
because I was curious :-)


If you create your title page as a separate score, you can use menu item: File / Album to print (not join) the two scores so the bottom of the second page aligns with the bottom of the first page. Use the 'Print Album' button in the Album Manager.
Caution: Be sure you are done with the first page of the score, because if you must add to it, it will not re-flow into the remainder of the score, as the remainder is now a 'different' score.

Here's how (once you have finished note entry):

1. Create (or copy) the 'title page' as a separate score. (I used your 'orquestral-score' and called it 'orquestral-score title'.)
2. Change the end barline of this 'title' page to a normal barline (since the rest of the score will follow).
3. Create (or copy) the remainder of the score as a separate score. (Here I named it 'orquestral-score 2nd'. It's the same as your 'orquestral-score', but without the first page.)
3a. You can shorten the instrument names and get rid of the time signature.
4. Using menu item: View / Documents Side by Side, you can view these two scores simultaneously where you can set the staff spacing so that the Contrabass staff aligns across both scores. Using Style / General / Page, I set the Staff distance from 6.5sp to 7.1sp.
5. Add these two scores to the Album Manager, and then 'Print Album'.

Of course, there is an effort-to-benefit ratio in play here.
As Zack mentioned, you can simply create a title page without any music at all, or do as Marc says and print the first page only, then make Style adjustments to print the rest of the score.


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Your solution is a good solution, but not very practical. In fact, when I saw your image I thought you were doing other thing. But you gave me an idea.

Instead making two separate files, you can create a new part with all instruments in it. Then, you can set the distances the way you want. That way I was able to do what I wanted without working with different files. Also, if I change something in the first page it will reflect everywhere, inclusive in separate parts (well, I didn't test that, but I think it will work this way). Then, I can print only the pages I want and merge them with a pdf printer.

diferent staff spacing.png

I will attach the file I made.

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