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I'm wondering whether it is possible to make the scores bigger in MuseScore, especially the notes. The size of the notes right now is fine, but I think it would be easier for ppl to read if it's bigger...
If this is possible, can anyone plz explain the steps.
Thx in advance

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How can I get the same number of system lines on the page, or about the same numer, and even get bigger notes. Not as big as an beginners notebook. For example my barlines are now 1cm and I would like to see 13 or 14 mm with the same number of lines per page. I attached the score.

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Go to Style->EditStyle->Page and reduce "system distance". You can also reduce the distance between title and first system "v-frame staff dist.".
In Style->editStyle->Measure "spacing" should be >= 1.1 for better readability of the score.

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Thank you for your quick reaction, but my problem is not solved.
I would like to have bigger notes and that does not happen when I follow your instructions. The five lines of the bar and the 'font size' of the notes keeps the same. The space between the systems has improved. But I am afraid I will not be able to read the notes when the music is on my music stand.
What am I doing wrong?

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9.5 r1598 XP SP#

Thank you for this.

However, when I try to reduce the space between staves, only the 1st 2 staves are changes.
I am using an unsupported font, might that be the trouble? Also, I am using the lyric entry for chordnames as it is much more legible. They are much larger, and I have moved them above the staff. Might that ne the problem?

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I have not written any documentation for the styles yet. If you are trying to adjust the distance between a piano/organ/grand staff use the "akkolade distance". This is just a guess at the problem you are encountering since I have not seen your score.

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Mscore adds extra vertical space between systems for every lyrics line depending on lyrics font height. You are using lyrics text for chord symbols which adds this space except for the first system, which has no lyrics.
Changing the system distance may not have an immediate effect as systems are stretched to fill the whole page and the distance works as a minimum distance.

I also have trouble getting a printed score I can read, but will try the scaling tips given.

But for CHORD SIZE: i use the Jazzchords option all the time because they print big, bold, and resemble hand-written chords. They really stand out & help me a lot. So...

Go to Style>edit>general style>chordnames and choose "jazzchords" from the dropdown. Click apply and hey presto, they're big & bold. I think you'll like them. Note that I have a very old version of Musescore, so your version may be slightly different. But I can't imagine they've done away with this option.

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