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• May 23, 2015 - 04:03

First of all, great job, guys, on 2.0
Both 2.0 and 2.0.1 are running slowly and haltingly, the two most annoying symptoms being slow and delayed navigator scrolling and greatly extended note duration sound when typing in notes either with alphabet keyboard or pull-down piano keyboard. Running Windows 8.1, and have run CCleaner and defrag. Advice?



MuseScore's responsiveness is directly proportional to the size of the score, and Navigator in particular eats a big part of that, which is why it is disabled by default. So I recommend leaving it turnoed off. Then consider breaking unusually long scores into sections and using the Album feature to join them when done.

If you are experiencing slow operation even with short scores, feel free to post an example of one you are having problems with. It could turn out to be some quirk of that specific score that cause layout and/or playback get caught in some sort of feedback loop.

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Thanks, Marc, as always. Turned off Navigator, everything fine. Makes me wonder about the definition of "unusually long score" ---- the one involved here is for four saxophones, with, so far, about 85 measures. I do recall that, in 1.3, Navigator did not cause this, even with lots of measures creating 5-7 minute pieces. I've become used to using Navigator for quick back-and-forths.

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Feel free to post the score you are having problems with - maybe, as I said, there is some special problem in it causing the layout to get hung up. 85 measures for four instrument is indeed not particularly large.

Ypu can use a keyboard shortcut to display and hide the Navigator as needed. Also, note there are many other ways of navigating - mouse wheel, Page Up/Down, Ctrl+F, etc.

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Is there something in particular I should be doing in order to see a problem? A precise series of steps to follow? It seems perfectly responsive to me. I don't see any noticeable difference with or without the Navigator. What soundfont are you using? I tried the default FluidF3, but also Timbres of Heaven, which is considerably larger, and still can't see any problems. My system is a Chromebook running a processor that is barely more powerful than a smartphone, plus I'm running a debug build which is slower than a release build, so if anything, I should be seeing worse performance.

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Well, the only other variable seems to be that, when clicking on "open recent", there appears another, much earlier, version of the score, listed as "scqA4380" (except that there is no title listed on the score itself.) A file search doesn't find this, and I'm unable to delete it. I've no idea what this is, but maybe it's interfering. The problem is not occurring on another score that I recently created on 2.0. Perhaps uninstall/reinstall?
Thanks for your patience with my digital ignorance.

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Sluggishness might also be related to system resources, especially when using large or multiple soundfonts, or running different apps simultaneously.

Maybe you can keep the Navigator open by trying the soundfont from 1.3.

From the handbook:
'Larger SoundFonts often sound better but may be too large to run on your computer. If you find MuseScore runs slowly ... or your computer can't keep up during playback, then look for a smaller SoundFont.'

Musescore 1.3 used the TimGM6mb soundfont - 5.7 MB.
[Though it sounded inferior to 2.0, at least it was 'consistently' inferior.] ;-)



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