Tin whistle

• May 24, 2015 - 11:40

The instrument list contains two entries for "tin whistle" - I can't tell any difference - plus a "Bb tin whistle". All produce an absolutely monstrous electronic sound, in no way resembling the actual sound of a tin whistle. In fact "slide whistle", whilst not perfect, is much closer to a tin whistle sound than any of those produced under a "tin whistle" option. Is this going to be rectified or do you need some examples of what a tin whistle actually sounds like?


The 1st Tin Whistle is like a generic one, the 2nd Tin Whistle is a D Tin Whistle (as a variant to the Bb one), not sure why the D is left out from the instrument name.
For playback GM channel 78, 'Whistle' got used for all 3 (same as for the various Flageolets). Slide Whistle uses channel 79, 'Ocarina'

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