Spacing between instruments randomly shrinking?

• May 24, 2015 - 17:43

In my piece I have two vocals and a accompanying piano part, but now whenever I add measures the space between the second vocal and the piano is so tight I can't even write music in any lower than a D on the second vocal without it going onto the piano part. I tried attaching the file so if that worked you can see it on the very last measure I just added.

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On_My_Way.mscz 19.6 KB


First, in general, know that no matter how tight the spacing, you can always write music as many ledger lines above or below the staff as you like. you just can't do it by *clicking*. But you can using any of the other methods of note entry - typing the note names, using the onscreep Piano keybaord (press "P"), or a MIDI keyboard.

Anyhow, it took me a minute to understand what is wrong with your score, but I figured it out. It appears you used with Shift+drag or Staff Properties to move the piano staff higher. If you right click the top piano staff and go to Staff Properties, you'll see it has an "Extra distance above staff" of -5.50sp, which is why it is so close to the staff above. You only see it on this particular particular system because on the other systems, the lyrics are creating extra space for you.

So, simply change that setting back to 0 and all will be well.

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