Rests, Tempo, Unwanted Connections, and Online Manual

• May 27, 2015 - 20:22

I'm using MuseScore v. 2:

First, 1/8 rests seem to pop up and remain in measures I had already filled. Can't delete or remove the rests so I can finish or correct the measure.

Second, can only seem to use F11 to adjust tempo. The instructions given in the online manual appear to be inaccurate.

Third, the software continues to connect notes inconsistently. Cannot figure out how to disconnect some notes while others won't connect.

Fourth, the online manual appears to be meant for v.1, not v. 2.


In order for us to be able to help figure out what is wrong, you will need to post your score (as an attachment to a response to this thread - see "File attachments" link right below where you type your comment). Also give precise step by step instructions, saying what you are doing, what you expect to see happen, and what happens instead.

To answer some questions generally:

You set the tempo for a score by adding Tempo elements, either from the Tempo palette or by clicking a note and then pressing Alt+T or Add / Text / Tempo Marking.

The beaming in 2.0 is much improved over previous versions and follows standard modern engraving practice in most situations, and should be quite consistent. But if you have a special need to deviate the norms, or have encountered a situation where MuseScore is not beaming according to standard ractices, see the section on beaming in the Handbook: Or, if you wish to change the defaults for beams score-wide, you can do this via Time Signature Properties as documented here:

Not sure what you mean about the Handbook. How are you accessing it? Help / Online Hanbook should take you to the 2.0 Handbook. is there something that makes you think this is not the case? What page are you are seeing that leads you to believe otherwise?

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I will investigate each of your general answers first before posting more, but regarding the Online Manual, when I researched the Tempo, its instructions for the menu approach did not appear to correlate to the menu in the new version of MuseScore.

Thank you for your speedy response!

ad 1: measure have always either rests or notes or both, up untils the actual diration of that measure is fully uses, at least for voice 1. Only rests in other voices can get deleted.

ad 2: see

ad 3: do mean ties (connecting 2 adjacent notes of the same pitch, see or slurs (connecting 2 or more notes of different pitches, see or something entirely different?

ad 4: no, the online manual is definitely for 2.0

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