Moving from one note to another in a chord - issue

• May 28, 2015 - 18:15

Please refer to the attached file which contains a guitar arrangement in linked staff/Tab.

In Edit mode go to the Tab staff, Bar 13, last chord (voice 2). Select the top note of the chord. My question is, how does the user move the cursor to the bottom note of the same chord using a keyboard shortcut? There appears to be way for the user to move from one note to another in a voice other than going into edit mode and clicking on the note.

And, how does the user select the whole chord if the cursor is only on one note? There should be a shortcut for this. By accident I came across a keyboard shortcut, [shift] + [down/up arrow], which, when only one note in a chord is selected, seems to select every note in every voice at that position. However I could not find this documented in the manual or list of shortcuts.

How about a keyboard shortcut to select every note in a chord but only in the current voice. After that it is a moot point whether using the [left/right arrow] key should move back to single note selection or retain the focus on chords.

I've just remembered that you can [ctrl] + left-click each note, but the lack of a shortcut here (unless I'm mistaken) is an omission.

I have to admit that this is my first attempt at creating a score in MuseScore but I have experience with other scorewriters.

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There are a number of useful navigation shortcuts, but specifics vary between tab and standard staves because of the rather different input mechanisms.

Assuming by "Edit mode" you really mean note input mode, then the cursor keys by themselves move you from stirng to string on a tab staff. I don't think there is a direct shotcut to the next note that would skip the unused strings. On a standard staff, Alt+Up/Down moves you between chord tones.

To select a whole chord you have to *not* be in note input mode. With nothing selected (press Esc to be sure), Shift+click a note and the whole chord is selected. There is no single shortcut to limit this select to one voice, but the Select Filter can be used to limit selections. Ctrl+clicking the notes individually works too of course.

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