Ledger lines not moving with notes

• May 29, 2015 - 02:29

When I adjust the horizontal offset of a note with ledger lines to the right, the ledger line stays in place and gets longer instead of moving with the note. I don't observe the same problem when offsetting notes to the left.


What's actually happening is that the ledger lines are staying connected to the stem. If you move it far enough to the left, you'll see the same thing happen.

EDIT: No, wait, it's more complicated than that. If the note is on a ledger line below the staff instead of above it, the ledger line stays connected not to the stem, but to where the stem would be if the stem were attached to the left side of the note instead of the right! That's almost certainly a bug. And furthermore—returning to an above-the-staff scenario—moving the stem horizontally, as well as the note head, leaves the ledger lines still forced to stay connected to where the stem would be. Thanks for bringing this up.

You will see this effect if you make the mistake of moving the *note* (and presumably moving the stem separately) rather than the *chord*. Moving the chord moves the note, stem, and ledger lines together.

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