Inserting vertical frame to measure 1 breaks off brace/bracket etc.

• Jun 1, 2015 - 16:55

(1) On a linked, braced treble/tab sytem if you insert a text frame to measure 1, it will cause the brace to split off and attach itself to the side of the frame.

(2) Another issue is that you can move text from this frame (by dragging for example) so that it overlaps the "title frame", leaving the original frame apparently blank underneath. This is a useful feature as it allows you to use the space in the title frame to put in extra info in a new format.

For example, the "Create New Score" dialogue box allows you to enter various fields. But suppose you then want to add some left aligned text on the same line as the right-aligned "composer/arranger" field. This requires a new format which is provided by the additional text frame situated underneath.


I can't reproduce #1 either. Please provide sample score and precise step by step instruction to reproduce the problem.

Regarding #2, I don't understand. The "Lyricist" field in a vertical frame is already aligned with the "Composer" field. That is the type of text that would normally appear there. Elsewhere, I believe you mentioned twanting to include the name of the instrument on the page, but that wouldn't normally be aligned with the compsoer - it would be higher, and larger. The "Part Name" text is designed for this purpose. Although if you prefer, you can always change the formatting of that text style to be smaller and aligned to the bottom of the frame like the "Composer" text is.

In any event, you shouldn't be trying to drag text out of a text frame into the title frame - this is the sort of thing likely to not work correctly if the layout ever changes.. If you want text to appear in the title frame, you should simply add it to the title frame. If you want extra space below the title frame. you should simply increase the bottom using the Inspector (or change the correspond setting in Style / General / Page to do it globally for all vertical frames).

(1) Sorry, I've got my wires crossed here. I meant to add that there was a horizontal frame just before the staff/tab system so that inserting the vertical frame caused the horizontal frame and brace to break away. This has somehow got mixed up with another posting Unexpected Brace behaviour in staff/Tab systems and for some reason it is being answered there.

(2) Beginner's mistake. I realise now I should have right-clicked on the title frame and added text or used the lyricist field – which I have now done.

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