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I am in the process of arranging some church music for the Native American Flute. I do not know how to disabled the instrument label on Musescore so as to be able to use the NAFT system created by R. Carlos Nakai. Any info would help.


Right click on the staff -> Staff properties and you can edit the instrument long and short names.
You should be able to use this fonts for the fingering.
You could even make a plugin to automatically put the fingerings like this one for recorder

Edit :
Two more resources for American native flute tab fonts

Thanks for the information. I have already tried the right click tip. Works just fine. Thank you for sharing the info

Let me know if you need a plugin.

While I have been able to find the fonts I have not been able to put them into my scores. I am not trying to make a fingering chart for C Soprano Recorder and I having the same type of problems. Only the recorder plugin does not allow me to set the font diagram to note. It may simply be I don't how to work with this plugin so that the fingering is the correct one I need for a child in our church choir.

Any help would be appreciated.

Did you follow the installation instruction of the recorder fingering plugin?
You need to install the font on your system. See the instructions for windows or for MacOSX

I thought I had but maybe I didn't have it installed. I used the extract all tool and then put the font into the fonts folder for windows. I then installed I think I did the plugin. Well the fingering is totally all wrong. I just don't know what I did?

Is there another way to input the fonts like you would a text say in lyrics. I not totalyy sure how this work in musescore either. but I am willing to learn.

One last thing I'm not exactly daffy about the font it would be too hard for a youngster to work with and that is who I'm setting up a fingering chart with the notes so he can learn to play music.

The plugin was only compatible with a soprano tenor flute (All holes obtructed = C).
I've just updated it and it provides two menu items one for soprano tenor and another one for sopranino alto.

If you have a score open you can also double-click on the instrument name to change the text.

I made a NAF fingering plugin for MuseScore 1.2. See
Feedback welcome.

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