Notating a Beam that has notes in both Treble Clef Staff & Bass Clef Staff

• Jun 4, 2015 - 03:21

Transcribing an old score for piano where inner voices (16th notes) have 3 notes in the Treble Clef and two notes descend into the Bass Clef. I suspect the composer intends that the figure is to be divided between the Right Hand and Left hand. So the beam of the 5-note figure "floats" in the space between the staves. It seems MuseScore does not provide for a beam that "straddles" both staves. I can design it differently but I would rather duplicate the original score, if possible. Any suggestions? Thanks! JHJ


That's exactly what I mean, although the directions were unclear to me. It looked like the key combination was Command + Shift + ";" when the last key is actually the downward arrow. It works VERY well and does exactly what I need. THANK YOU! JHJ

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