• Jul 7, 2010 - 10:37


I would suggest that the note-icons in the create-note-toolbar are a little bigger and followed by the corresponding shortcut directly visible. "note" (6). The should be plenty of room for it in the toolbar.

Also a better indication of when you are in edit mode (and maybe play mode ?) in supplement of the little box down in right corner. Maybe some symbol a couple of places on the screen, or some kind of "watermark" ...or..... or...



Hi ph,

I second your remark. Do you know a designer who can help us with improving the design/interface in MuseScore?

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Edit mode is pretty evident for strings: the 'blue box' is difficult to miss.

But for other entities, like single notes, accidentals, ornaments,... I always have to double check the small box in the status line to be sure edit mode is active: a more evident clue would be welcome; for instance a different colour for the selected item being edited.

Anyway, I would rate this point rather low priority.



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ph, could you describe the situations more specifically? Miwarre (above) has mentioned that he finds Edit mode for text "difficult to miss", but lists some other situations where he finds edit mode less obvious.

The other important aspect that I am interesting in is what you were trying to achieve and why not knowing whether you were in edit mode was a barrier.

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example: I often, unintentionally, have double clicked on a note instead of single click. Then trying to change the note with the arrows, you move the notehead instead of the note.

but okay .. not the biggest problem in world, so just put it on hold until other more important things have been fixed.


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